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TIFAT Agro Enterprises

(Connecting Farmers to the Market)

Building Africa’s Agricultural Market

TIFAT Agro Enterorises aims at providing real-time market for agricultural produce for the end-mile farmer. TIFAT will help to eliminate exploitative middlemen that currently take between 50 percent to 70 percent out of the sales of agricultural produce.

About the Technology

When Farmers thrive, communities thrive. We connect every farmer, solve problems, share ideas and spread innovation.

Direct Delivery

The price you see is the price you pay and includes delivery to your door.

Lowest Prices

We source directly from the farmers to get you the lowest price and the highest quality.

Transport Fare

We charge only 9% per 100kg. This fee is always included in our quoted price.

Money Back Guarantee!

If our maize doesn’t meet your quality or weight standards, we won’t charge

you anything and will pay to ship it back to us.

How It Works

We’ve made it simple for anyone to buy and sell maize.


Sellers prefer to work with us because we pay above market, pay immediately, and have clear quality and weight standards.


We source directly from farmers, providing the highest quality and weight standards at a fair price. Every delivery is made directly to your door.


We work with transporters large and small all over the country. Our hope is to provide larger, more regular loads to all of our transporters.

Ready to buy? Send us a message in less than 30 seconds.

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