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The Icon Magazine

The Icon Magazine published every calendar quarter, features success stories, business tips and their complete plans. This acts as a benchmark for inspiration, Knowledge and change of attitude and practice for entrepreneurs. We distribute it to retail stores, newspaper vendors and subscribers across East Africa.

Contents in The Magazine

Success Stories

We bring you success stories of entrepreneurship iconic people in the region to inspire you.

Business plans

In every issue, we publish a unique business plan which can easily be replicated anywhere on the planet.

Business Tips

Our business tips help you get clarity of what you want to do, establish benchmarks and help you get a deeper understanding of your market.

Personal Dev't & Wellbeing

The personal development and wellbeing tips in our issues provide a framework that help individuals identify their strengths, weaknesses and guide them to capitalize on existing skills and capabilities.

Our Published Issues

"The economy can affect the way you do business but should never be the reason for the failure to achieve your personal goals."



Every time you read this statement, ponder and allow your mind to suggest clues; the more you do the exercise, the more clues you get!! And you will finally discover that you can still win even in a harsh economy.

Get yourself a copy of The Icon Magazine!!
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